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Jianglu Group production and marketing research management four arrow tower crane sales welcome climax

Jianglu Group production and marketing research management four arrow tower crane sales welcome climax

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Guide: facing the fierce sales situation, China Ordnance Industry group Jianglu Electromechanical group Co., Ltd. bucked the trend and did a good job in production, marketing, research and management around the sales of tower cranes, ushering in a new climax of tower crane delivery in June. First, we should focus on sales first and invigorate sales leaders. The company firmly establishes the management idea of marketing first

facing the fierce sales situation, China North Industries Group Jianglu Electromechanical group Co., Ltd. bucked the trend and made four articles on the production, marketing, research and management of tower crane sales, ushering in a new climax of tower crane delivery in June

first, we should focus on sales and make sales leaders more active. The company firmly establishes the business idea of "marketing first". First, optimize internal marketing resources. Adjust and optimize the domestic regional marketing offices, set up 8 branches and 8 direct selling stations, and divide the sales indicators into station offices and marketing personnel. The resident marketing personnel take up their posts through the competitive recruitment system and the two-way selection mode, strengthen the business support for the marketing personnel, increase the business development fee per person per order, and relieve the worries of the sales personnel. After the adjustment, the sales performance of Fujian, Anhui, Hunan, Guangzhou and other regions increased significantly. At the same time, innovative marketing mode. Implement regional agency, and successively develop agents in Yunnan, Guizhou, Hainan and other places; Develop financial leasing platform and cooperate with Siemens to achieve sales; Explore the leasing market, cooperate with industrial companies to open equipment leasing business, and reduce the operational risks such as overdue repurchase. Secondly, innovative means of promotion. The new "10+1" promotion method of 10% down payment and one-year payment was introduced, and several product promotion conferences were organized, and short-term promotion policies such as giving vouchers were implemented, which were welcomed by customers and promoted the signing rate. The company insists on innovative after-sales service. The 4S stores piloted in Hunan have basically achieved the service commitment of arriving at the site within 24 hours to eliminate faults, which has been highly praised by customers, and the 4S stores will also be gradually promoted

second, promote research through marketing and pay close attention to scientific research improvement. Take the market as the guide, carry out scientific research and development and technological improvement and upgrading, and constantly improve the competitiveness of products. The company has successfully developed the new product jl5710 tower crane, which has achieved the first sales, and is expected to achieve mass production and sales this year; The design of jl6010 tower crane intelligent control system was carried out steadily, and the upgrading of 160F and 315 tower cranes was carried out in an orderly manner; At the same time, the standardized manufacturing process of tower crane, the automatic welding process of upper and lower supports, the application of information technology and other projects have been effectively promoted

the third is to set production by sales, and pay close attention to production to ensure delivery. The company strictly implements the implementation of the "three quality of life improvement and one control" system, and will never allow special inspection and circulation if there is no self inspection or the self inspection is unqualified, so as to strengthen the quality awareness of employees; For the "wrong and missing" welding quality problems of a few products, carry out "point-to-point" acceptance to effectively reduce the internal quality loss; Further improve and optimize the quality control system, and extend the tentacles of quality management to the quality of service, the performance of functional departments and other work quality levels. Ensure safe production and implement the safety production manual at all levels; Continue to carry out on-site safety inspection and hidden danger troubleshooting and treatment, so as to ensure quality and quantity and ensure node delivery

fourth, sales management and strict lean management. The company mainly focuses on cost control management. The index of "reducing the cost of a single tower crane by 30000 yuan" was broken down into more than 20 specific control projects, such as material procurement, outsourcing, quality loss, material utilization, controllable expenses, and the "cost control management and assessment measures" was implemented. Cost control has achieved initial results, and the comprehensive material utilization rate of the standard workshop has reached 98.96%; Through technical improvement and process optimization, the cost of a single machine has been reduced by about 600 yuan; Strengthen quality management and reduce the cost of after-sales service by more than 400 yuan per unit. The implementation of fingerprint attendance has improved the attendance rate and work efficiency. Adhere to serious assessment, and then click on positioning to standardize rewards and punishments, promote the implementation of the system, and turn "assessment" into "contract", which enhances the management and control awareness and performance ability of functional business departments to take the initiative, have the courage to take responsibility, and be efficient and collaborative. Through the production, marketing, research and management of the company, the tower crane ushered in a new spring

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