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The application of X and Y scanning technology of the scanner

x and Y scanning technology is that when scanning the original, the scanning head can move along the x-axis direction or the y-axis direction, so as to ensure that the information of the scanned original is scanned at any scanning position with the maximum scanning resolution. If this technology is coupled with XY splicing technology, it can fundamentally ensure that the entire scanning format is uniform and can be scanned with high resolution and high definition after milling

the horizontal axis represents the size of the scanned original, and the vertical axis represents the optical resolution during scanning. The above group of images were taken by Saigon scanner with X and Y scanning technology, while the following group of images were taken by ordinary scanner. It can be seen that when scanning small format originals, the two types of scanners have little difference in scanning quality, while when scanning large format originals, scanners with X and Y scanning technology have obvious advantages

when we invest in scanners that are so expensive, we always expect to use high-quality hardware equipment and increasingly mature scanning software. Now we will introduce the iq-smad2 scanner produced by Cleo saiangel company and the finescan 2750xl scanner produced by Fuji company, which are relatively mature in application and have X and Y scanning technology

1 hardware features

both scanners are A3 format and have X and Y scanning technology. They can scan with the maximum optical scanning resolution on the whole scanning format, which is the biggest difference between them and other low-cost scanners. Secondly, these two scanners can effectively improve the scanning efficiency

1. Finescan 2750 XL scanner

finescan 2750 XL has 10500 line array CCD, so it can provide optical scanning resolution up to 2743dpi. If the scanner is used to scan pictures in RGB color mode and 8bit color bit depth, the following series of data can be obtained: the data volume of 135mm photos is 28.9mb; six × The data volume of 6cm photos is 120.2mb; nine × The data volume of 12cm photos is 360.4mb. The density dynamic range of this scanner is as high as 3.7, which can fully meet the scanning requirements of the usual reverse film. In specific scanning applications, this scanner also shows its unique side, which is particularly suitable for scanning 135mm photos

2. Iq-smart2 scanner

iq-smart2 is equipped with a CCD with 10200 face arrays, so the maximum optical scanning resolution can reach 4300dpi, that is, the size of the scanner's sampling point is equal to the size of silver salt particles on the film. Of course, such a high scanning resolution can fully realize its value only by matching the most ideal scanning manuscript. The amount of data scanned by the scanner is also amazing. For example, the data volume of 135mm photos is 70.gmb; six × The data volume of 6cm photos is 295.2mb; nine × The data volume of 12cm photos is 885.6mb. The density dynamic range of this scanner reaches 3.9, which is higher than that of finescan 2750xl scanner. In addition, iq-smart2 has another advantage over finescan 2750xl: it can take out and clean the original glass frame without any tools, but this is rarely used

2 software features

compared with the comparison results of scanning hardware, the difference between the two scanning software is more obvious. However, the two scanning software also have something in common. For example, they both support data difference calculation based on ICC workflow and provide tool software required for image processing


at first, we were not used to using Fuji's scanning software, because it strictly divided the image capturing process into two steps: image scanning and image processing. Therefore, for people who are used to using general scanning software, if they come into contact with the scanning software at once, they may feel that this scanning concept is more cumbersome. However, it is convenient for people to make overall arrangements. When scanning pictures, they can deal with the pictures that have just been scanned, so as to improve work efficiency. As long as the network has enough data transmission capacity, we can achieve high-yield scanning work by using the scanner's automatic scanning function. Pictures usually use 42bit (3 × 14bit) color bit depth scanning is attractive, and the color bit depth can be re converted according to different application purposes. This idea also caters to the needs of soom (multiple output in one scan). Color Kit scanning software realizes copyright protection with the help of Doppler (dongle)

2.oxygen lite

when it comes to the scanning software of Cleo seraph, people will think of its advantages of easy to be mastered by the operator and simple operation interface. The scanning software contains many drop-down "menus", and the "menu" setting is almost the same as that of Adobe software and office software, so it will not give the operator a feeling of unaccustomed. The previous oxygen scanning software did not have the function of "multiple output in one scan", but the newly developed iq-smart3 scanning software embedded the module of "multiple output in one scan". In addition to other basic functions, the scanning software of Cleo saiangel also has the adjustment function of "LS curve (lightness and saturation adjustment 1: the interface on the controller corresponds to the knot curve one by one)". With the help of this curve, the work of image scanning and processing becomes simpler

3 application

both scanners can scan both reflected and projected drafts, and both scanner manufacturers provide adapters for transmission manuscript scanning considering the needs of transmission manuscript scanning. This adapter usually has coding information, and people can also set the coding information through software. This means that the position of the original is determined, and the operator does not need to draw the scanning area of the picture. In addition, the manufacturer of Cleo saiangel scanner also provides some films for making adapters, which can be used to make adapters for originals of different sizes. Both scanners can scan multiple pictures at a time. In terms of automatic scanning, iq-smart2 is slightly inferior to finescan 2750xl

4 summary

the biggest difference between these two kinds of professional instrument panel lower body and skeleton scanners is the scanning software. For designers, they may prefer iq- smart2 scanner because it is simple to operate and scans with 16bit color bit depth. For magazines and prepress enterprises, they prefer to use finescan 2750xl scanner because it can achieve high production

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