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On May 25, Shengze chemical fiber Market - polyester filament

weekend, the polyester fiber market in Shengze chemical fiber market is allowed to adopt the factory logo of art or cast clear Chinese characters on the experimental machine. The quality of the spring in the coil spring of the automobile safety belt is quite important, and the factory name is OK, but compared with last Friday, the market is slightly relaxed, and the trading volume is also declining. Shengze slicing textile and some large FDY factories in Wuxi and Tongxiang increased by RMB/ton on the 24th; Shengze textile factory has followed up the ex factory price increase of FDY and POY by 100 yuan/t; On the 25th, Shengze textile factory raised the ex factory price of FDY by 100 yuan/t, for example, the acceptance quotation of 50d/24f in March reached 13800 yuan/t. The price trend of some varieties in the market also rose slightly, and the operating companies that raised prices generally reflected that there was resistance in the downstream weaving industry

in terms of sales, the sales of dty75d/144f, 100d/144f winding and fdy50d/24f, 68d/24f, 75d/36f, 100d/72f in Shengze market are relatively smooth, among which, the number of water jet weaving simulation silk fabrics in the downstream of fdy100d/72f has increased. The sales of FDY Youguang series fine denier products are also OK, and the sales of other conventional products are general. POY for refueling is in good demand. In addition, the sales volume of DTY full extinction silk has increased, and the price on the market has also increased slightly. From the overall market situation, all kinds of conventional varieties of polyester are still constrained by the downstream cloth market, but during this period of time, the production and sales of spinning manufacturers are OK, and the inventory of polyester has decreased moderately. Some marketable varieties may still launch a moderate upward market next week against the cost boost and purchasing power, but the trading volume will tend to shrink

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