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Attaching importance to standardization talking about the establishment of printing quality standards


printing enterprises must recognize the importance of standardization, establish and improve the printing quality management system, and guide the actual production operation according to the quality standards, so as to avoid detours and achieve low cost, high quality and efficiency

today, our understanding of prepress has been relatively mature, and the application of image processing theory in practice has been brought into full play. Prepress technology can generally accurately reproduce the tone of the original, and implement standardized and data-based operations according to the scientific laws of replication engineering. With the development of digital prepress technology, prepress standards need to be solved urgently. However, from manuscript to printing is a systematic project. We must make the printing operation keep up with the progress of the times. We must systematically study and coordinate the relationship between the departments of pre press processing, output, printing and post press processing from a scientific point of view, manage and operate with standardized and scientific methods, effectively control the whole process of replication engineering, and ensure the stability and repeatability of replication quality. The evolution process of image color or quality control is the transition from experience and manual control (from the rule of experience summary) to computer control (standardization, standardization, data control), and finally realize what you see is what you get. In all stages, printing standards are needed as the basis. Finally, the relevant sample books are tested according to the test methods described in the standard to comprehensively verify and verify the accuracy of the technical data in the standard

it is particularly worth mentioning that during this period, Changchun Yueming small experimental machine Co., Ltd. also actively cooperated with the formulation of the standard and developed equipment for the binding strength test of books and periodicals according to the test methods in the standard for use in the formulation of the standard. It is believed that this kind of equipment will be widely used with the vigorous promotion of the standard, filling the gap in the lack of testing equipment in the binding strength of books and periodicals in China

at present, the formulation of the standard has entered the final stage, and the staff of the standard drafting group are testing the final relevant technical data. The standard will be officially reported to the General Administration of publication of the people's Republic of China for promulgation and implementation around the end of this year. It is believed that with the wide use of this standard in China, the problem of book binding in China will be fundamentally solved

in November 2006, the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee will hold the 2006 China Printing Standardization annual meeting, at which more detailed information about the industry standard of "use requirements and inspection methods of EVA hot melt adhesive for book binding" will be released. Please actively participate in the annual meeting or contact the Secretariat of the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee directly for relevant information

although an enterprise also has quality standards of one kind or another, the product quality is still low, and one river in the village also began to float dead fish one after another. The reason is that there is no good implementation of quality standards. After the task is arranged and the technical standards are explained, supervision, monitoring, guidance and effective coordination must be carried out from the beginning of production to the completion of finished products. To achieve: there are standards, prior management, process management, prevention and control, and ensure the quality of products all the time. In addition, the enterprise's new trade agreement is named the United States Mexico Canada agreement (usmca). The industry should actively establish and improve the quality testing room and measurement room, establish a standard color measuring environment, and configure densitometers, color measuring instruments, friction meters, gloss meters, etc., so as to facilitate the detection of quality data and strengthen and improve the quality process

standards are the basis of quality management and quality control. The standardization of the printing industry has been carried out in China for nearly 20 years. The National Printing Standardization Technical Committee keeps pace with the times, faces the market, and formulates printing standards according to the actual needs of enterprises. We earnestly hope that the printing industry standards can be promoted and truly implemented in enterprises. Industry associations and other quality inspection institutions in the industry often organize enterprises to carry out sampling inspection and evaluation. Enterprises should set high goals, actively participate in such evaluation activities and participate in competition, so as to improve the quality awareness of all employees of enterprises, truly integrate printing standards into printing enterprises, guide production, operation and management, and enhance the competitiveness of China's printing industry

in fact, most enterprises do not have strict data indicators, let alone comply with national quality standards. Such things happen from time to time: the same manuscript or the same printing plate will have different colors at different printing stages of the printing plant. In production, enterprises attach importance to output, cycle, quality sampling samples, or post press inspection, but often ignore quality and lack quality control. With such development, the enterprise will eventually lose the market

the author believes that in order to do a good job in quality standards, the top managers should first fully understand the importance of quality standards and straighten out the relationship between management, quality and business. The product quality is not good, so it is difficult to develop business. Yachang Printing Co., Ltd., a well-known enterprise in China's printing industry, has formulated strict quality standards. Although the printing price is much higher than that of other enterprises, because its quality is convincing, the printed products that leave the factory can be called high-quality products, which naturally wins the favor of many customers

secondly, it is also necessary to do a good job in the training of employees' quality awareness and professional technology, and improve their quality concept, otherwise the quality standard will eventually become a paper document, let alone realize it. At the same time, we must establish a scientific and procedural quality standard system, strictly require the product quality, implement it to individuals according to the process procedures, and strictly operate the process, so as to find the quality gap and solve the problem with the data

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