PE fresh-keeping film is the mainstream in Lanzhou

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PE fresh-keeping film in Lanzhou market is the mainstream

recently, it has been said that "harmful substances in PVC food fresh-keeping film are easy to separate out, and after entering the human body with food, they have carcinogenic effect on the human body!" Some domestic media have hyped the argument of. It is understood that Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have begun to supervise and inspect the fresh-keeping film market. So, what is the Lanzhou market like? How much do citizens know about the so-called plastic wrap? On October 20, I visited several supermarkets and some market markets in our city

in the afternoon of October 20, I came to the New World supermarket, where there are sixorseven kinds of fresh-keeping films sold. Each kind of fresh-keeping film is clearly marked with "PE" material and the words "safe and non-toxic". In the New World supermarket, no PVC fresh-keeping film was found. Randomly asked a salesperson, the salesperson said: "since the opening of our supermarket, you have been prevented from spending unnecessary money to sell PE fresh-keeping film produced by regular manufacturers." The manufacturer is also marked on the price tag. Some are produced by Zhejiang enterprises, and some are produced by Shanghai enterprises

later, I came to Asia Europe supermarket, and I didn't find any PVC fresh-keeping film. The selling points of several brands of PE fresh-keeping film are "non-toxic, safe and reliable, without adding any preservatives"

in the fruit and vegetable exclusive sales areas of several supermarkets, many fruits, bean products, fresh meat, semi-finished vegetables, etc. have used plastic wrap. Some commodities are marked with PE plastic wrap on the label, but some do not have any signs

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there are three kinds of fresh-keeping films

it is understood that there are three kinds of fresh-keeping films commonly used. The first is polyethylene, referred to as PE, which is mainly used for food packaging, such as fresh-keeping films for fruits and vegetables we usually buy back, including semi-finished products purchased in supermarkets; The second kind of PVC, PVC for short, can also be used for food packaging, but it may have a certain impact on human safety; The third kind is polyvinylidene chloride, PVDC for short, which is mainly used for the packaging of some cooked food, ham and other products. Relevant people from the consumption supervision department believe that because the raw material used in the production of PVC fresh-keeping film is PVC resin, in addition, plasticizers and stabilizers are added, and PVC is a polymer, which is not easy to be completely polymerized, some vinyl chloride monomers will be separated out when used, and the accumulated capacity in the human body is 7. Bending high toughness 2kW to 5kW; Or alloy structural steel products are easy to cause liver cancer. Therefore, consumers should try to see the words PE clearly when buying food or fresh-keeping film

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